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What a Great Show

The 2024 Annual Capitol Woodcarvers Show was outstanding. The quality of carvings on display was great. It is always amazing to see what our Club members can create.

The show committee was tasked with awarding ribbons to carvings in the show that they felt were deserving. The committee reported that their task of choosing award winners was extremely difficult given the overall excellent quality of all the displayed carvings. But, in spite of how hard the task, the committee did award several ribbons.

Experienced Category

1st, Card Table by Terry Moss
2nd, Ship Relief by Tim Flora
3rd, Raven by Cheryl Ayres

Woodburning Category

1st, Hummingbird by Barb Fromherz
2nd, Leather Flower by Donna Miller
3rd, Seahorse by Donna Cereghino

Carousel Award

Airplane by Terry Moss

Keizer Art Association Award

Bear with Salmon by Tim Flora

Excitement is building among the capitol woodcarvers as they eagerly anticipate the…


At the March club meeting, carvers will be given two basswood cubes to carve into balls using only a knife *(no sanding allowed). these are regulation cubes, so if you cannot attend the March meeting, contact Don Fromherz to get yours. The champion from the 2019 derby will be present at the March meeting to display the winning ball and give some tips on how to create a monster roller.

The derby will be held at the April meeting. Carvers will select their finest ball to enter.

The balls will be rolled down a new and improved ramp system designed by John Cereghino. Prizes will be awarded for accuracy and distance. The Club President will resolve any disputes and maintain crowd decorum.

The second ball may be carved and/or painted for entry in the new category of "Most Unique". This will be a people’s choice award and a prize will be given.

Bring your favorite knife to the March meeting so we can start chipping away.

*An official sandometer much like the TSA scanners will be employed.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Teaching Opportunities

Capitol Woodcarvers supports woodcarving in many ways including assisting carving instructors. We encourage and support our members who want to teach woodcarving. Teaching opportunities include:

If you would like to teach a class, Capitol Woodcarvers will assist you with:

Please contact Capitol Woodcarvers if you would like to conduct a woodcarving class. We would be happy to help you plan, setup, and conduct your class.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

2023 Oregon Woodcarver's Rendezvous

September 7 - 10

Please print and complete the below Rendezvous Registration and Class Forms. Indicate which classes you will be attending by circling selected classes.

Click here to download the 2023 Oregon Woodcarver's Rendezvous Registration Form and Class List.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Capitol Woodcarvers Annual Show (April)

This annual two-day show is a great hit. Members of Capitol Woodcarvers display their carvings to other carvers and the public. The show typically includes vendors, breakout sessions, auction, raffles, classes, demonstrations, contests, and a lot of sharing of techniques.

Annual Bush’s Park Picnic (August)

Capitol Woodcarvers is a social group as well as a carving group. Our annual picnic is well attended and enjoyed by members and their guests. Don't miss this event which takes place the last Tuesday of August in place of the Club meeting. It is always a fun time. Bring a show and tell carving to share.

State Fair (August/September)

Capitol Woodcarvers like to share with the community. Every year we have a booth at the Oregon State Fair. As a booth volunteer you will meet a lot of visitors who are in awe at what carvers can ceate. It is a pleasure to interact with these visitors and talk with them about woodcarving.

Oregon Woodcarvers Rendezvous (September)

This a great event organized and managed by Capitol Woodcarvers member Everett Koontz. This is a wonderful gathering where multiple classes are taking place simultaneously. If you ever wanted to try different types of carving this is the event for you.

Keizer Art Association Show (October)

This s ia great month-long show in the Keizer Art Association Art Gallery. This show introduces carving to the "Art Community" as well as to the general public. The location of the gallery is in the Keizer Cultural Center. This is an easy show to participate in. Carvings can be delivered to the gallery then picked up after the show has finished. Carvings are secured and when the gallery is open for viewing a host is always present.

Annual Christmas Ornament Sale (November)

Capitol Woodcarvers does not have any regular source of income to support the club's activities other than membership dues. This annual ornament sale that takes place at the Rickreall Fairgrounds helps to support our club. It is a wonderful feeling when the public stops by our table and comments on the beautiful hand carved ornaments available for sale. Thank you members for your carved donations, they really help our club.

New Years Club Dinner (December)

Every year for decades our carvers have been meeting December 31 for our annual New Year's Dinner. The comradery and socializing is great at this event. What a great evening. Plan on attending this year.

Carving Classes

Many of our members teach carving, pyrography, painting, and other classes. Classes take place at Center50+. Everett Koontz' Studio, KAA classroom, and other venues when possible. It is amazing how much talent we have within our club and the willingness of talented carvers to share their techniques and knowledge. It is always rewarding to participate in or teach a class.

Carving Session: Friday Afternoons – Center50+

Center50+ has reserved Friday afternoons for woodcarving sessions. The facilities are great and can accomodate a large group of carvers. This is another opportunity to gather, learn, share, and enjoy the company of other carvers.

Carving Session: 1st and 3rd Thursdays – KAA

Prior to COVID there was a Decoy and Wildfowl group of carvers who met once a month at Center50+. To restart this group and focus on wildfowl carving, (ducks, geese, hawks, quail, eagles, songbirds, etc.) we have reserved the KAA classroom the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month 9:00AM - 1:00PM. Although the focus will be wildfowl carving, all carvers/pyrographers are welcome to join in.

Friday Lunches

As a group we like to get together and socialize. Friday lunch has been a good opportunity to do this. We rotate restaurants and gather at 11:30. Friday lunch gatherings have been going on for many years and due to their success, everyone has a good time, they will continue for a long time to come. And, guests are always welcome to attend.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Club Meetings

Last Tuesday of the month, except August and December. 7:00PM - 9:00PM at Center50+, Salem.

An important and appreciated part of all our meetings is the "program". This program typically includes a presenter/speaker who passes on/demonstrates techniques, procedures, experiences, and knowlege related to matters of interest to our Club members.

If you would like to present a program at one of our meetings, or if you know of someone members would like to hear from, please notify Terry Moss so that arrangements and scheduling can be made.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Capitol Woodcarvers Show at Keizer Art Association

KAA Show

This is a great show enjoyed by visitors and carvers alike. It is a unique opportunity for carvers to display their beautiful works-of-art to the general public. The carvings on display represent Capitol Woodcarvers and its members very well.

Plan on participating in this show to get the word out about Capitol Woodcarvers and to display your wonderful carvings.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Capitol Woodcarvers

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Carving Classes:

Several of our club members offer local carving classes. Chip, caricature, relief, and other carving-style classes are available.

Classes are presented either in mentored or group sessions. Participants range in skill levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Please contact the class instructor to confirm class schedule, space availability, location, and other details. If an instructor can not be otherwise contacted, come to a scheduled session to participate or schedule a future class.

Everett Carter Woodcarving Class

Where: Center 50+

When: Monday evenings

Time: 6:45PM - 8:45PM

Class is open to all levels from total beginner to experienced carvers.

For more information contact Center50+.

Classes At Everett Koontz Studio

  • Terry Moss : Pirates and Cowboys : May 8-19
  • Rich Weatherbee : July 17-19 : $250 + Blocks
  • Eric Owens : August
  • Terry Moss : Pilgrams and Indians : September 28-29
  • Chris Hammack : January 11-15 : $495
  • Everett Carter : Rattle : October

Don't miss these opportunities to attend a class at Everett's Studio.

Contact Everett Koontz to sign up for one of his classes.

Introduction to Woodcarving

Capitol Woodcarvers will assist any member of Capitol Woodcarvers who would like to introduce woodcarving to the public.

If you know of friends, family, groups, clubs, associates, aquaintances, etc. who are curious about your love for woodcarving, or anyone else who is interested and who would like to learn about woodcarving, Capitol Woodcarvers will provide loaner tools and assistance for your class.

Let us know when you would like to teach an introductory class and we will do what we can to help you.

For more information contact Capitol Woodcarvers (

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers

Friday Open Carving

Friday Open Carving at Center50+.

Fridays: 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Monday Open Carving

Everett Koontz hosts an Open Studio every Monday morning. Carvers are welcome to carve on any project. This is an informal gathering where carvers socialize, share techniques, and have a good time.


First and Third Thursdays, 9:00AM - 1:00PM Open Carving

This free event is focused on wildfowl carving. Attendees carve on the wildfowl subjects of their choice. Sharing of techniques, finishing, and mounting of wildfowl carvings is part of these open sessions.

If you are a non-wildfowl carver you are also invited to attend these open carving sessions. All carvers are welcome.

Location: KAA classroom, 980 Chemawa RD NE, Keizer Oeregon.

© Copyright 2023 Capitol Woodcarvers