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September 18 Carve and Chat
Sep 16 2020

Carve and Chat
Sep 08 2020

Janice Besing Spoons
Sep 03 2020

Thank You Note
Sep 02 2020

Donated Spoons
Sep 01 2020

Parking Lot Lunch
Aug 29 2020

Even More Spoons
Aug 28 2020

Denis Miller Spoons
Aug 26 2020

Everett's Spoons
Aug 25 2020

Woodcrarvers Zoom Chat
Aug 22 2020

Another Good Parking Lot Lunch
Aug 21 2020

Bob Karr Has Been Busy
Aug 14 2020

Woodcarver's Chat Room
Aug 11 2020

2020 Oregon Carving Rendezvous Cancelled
Aug 04 2020

Great Job Barb
Jul 31 2020

Capitol Woodcarvers Virtual Show

Capitol Woodcarvers Virtual Woodcarving Show

Capitol Woodcarvers is proud to display members' art in this free Virtual Show.

Virtual Show Tables:

There are currently 29 display tables in our Virtual Show. It is a great show with each table containing outstanding carvings. I encourage everyone to visit this Virtual Show at Capitol Woodcarvers Virtual Show.

If you have not yet set up your table please contact Bob Curtis. The process is simple, just email your carving pictures to Bob and he will look after setting up your table and getting your carvings displayed.

Posted on May 16 2020 by Bob

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