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Keizer Art Association / Capitol Woodcarvers Show
Sep 27 2021

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Sep 11 2021

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Sep 10 2021

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Sep 04 2021

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Aug 29 2021

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Jul 30 2021

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Jul 16 2021

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Jul 16 2021

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Jul 14 2021

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Jul 11 2021

Park Lunch, July 9, 2021
Jul 09 2021

Rich Wetherbee Class
Jul 09 2021

Park Lunch
Jun 18 2021

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Jun 06 2021

Ron Lunde NW Carving Class
Apr 05 2021

More From Wetherbee Class

Great Class Participation

It was a great class! Everett Koontz hosted a Rich Wetherbee class July 7-9. We had numerous rough outs to choose from with most people completing 2 projects! Rich is such a good instructor and everyone came away feeling very successful! Rich was great about really teaching not just carving on your project! A few things I learned were: carving up on the base to the shoes to give more room for the shoes and making them stand out instead of digging around the shoes to form them, carving long strokes with the knife to make a cleaner carving instead of little chips especially in the arms and legs, a great diamond shape eye technique that is easier to make matching eyes than most others. It was a great class! Thank you Everett for arranging the class and hosting it with yummy lunches!!! It was so great to be able to get together and carve again!!!

Article submitted by Cheryl Ayres

Posted on Jul 16 2021 by Bob

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