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Sep 11 2021

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Sep 10 2021

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Jul 09 2021

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Jun 18 2021

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Jun 06 2021

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Apr 05 2021

Coming Back Strong
2021 Virtual Show
Mar 19 2021

Oregon Rendezvous

Oregon Rendezvous Pics

The 2021 Oregon Rendezvous is in full session. Attendance is down from pre-pandemic rendezvous but numerous classes are being taught. Chip carving, relief carving, walking sticks, wood spirits, wood burning, and many more classes are taking place.

Woodcarvers are always eager to attend this event to learn new techniques and to socialize with other carvers. If you were unable to attend this year please plan for next year's Rendezvous. It will be an outstanding event as always.

Following are some random images from the Rendezvous.

Posted on Sep 10 2021 by Bob

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