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Great June Dinner
Jun 14 2019

Show and Tell
May 30 2019

Everett Carter Demo
May 29 2019

Falls City HS Student Carvings May 29 2019

Great May Dinner
May 17 2019

Club Meeting April 30
May 01 2019

Saturday Carving Session
Apr 27 2019

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Apr 19 2019

"BORED" Dinner April 18
Apr 18 2019

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Apr 14 2019

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Apr 10 2019

2019 Club Show
Apr 06 2019

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Apr 04 2019

March 26 Club Meeting
Mar 27 2019

Annual Woodcarving Show
Mar 19 2019

March 26 Club Meeting

We had a very good meeting Tuesday evening. It was well attended and our past President Denis Miller did a great job overseeing the activities. Donna Miller, acting Secretary, read the minutes from our previous meeting.

Show and Tell was conducted by Jim Harris. We have great artists in our Club and it was especially nice to see the excellent carvings on display

Everett Koontz

Everett Carter

Donna Miller

Wendy O'Leary

Lou Wakefield

Tom Ham and Debi Wakefield also respectively displayed wonderful carvings of Humming Bird ear rings and Coasters.

Terry Kramer gave us a great presentation on carving faces. He demonstrated on a picee of bark and I can tell you the chips were flying. I think all in attendance learned something from Terry's presentation.

It was a great meeting and the treats were outstanding. Please plan on attending our next meeting last Tuesday in April.

Posted on Mar 27 2019 by Bob