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September 18 Carve and Chat

Carve and Chat Zoom Meetup

Hi all you Chippers, Burners, Painters, Artists and other interested folks Marilyn Daily-Blair, the Executive Director at Center 50+ and I are once again inviting you to drop into the Friday, 1:00 PM Zoom Chat sessions each week. The Idea here is to provide a venue where folks with similar interests can stay connected and share projects (show and tell), ideas, tips, techniques, stories, lies, etc. There will occasionally be informational sessions, i.e. This Friday, Larry Wade will discuss Japanese Carving, tools and techniques, dating back to 1889.

It is now set up so joining a meeting will be easier and the same for every session. If you are not familiar with Zoom, just click on the link for the meeting to join. Once your there, you can get help from within. It’s pretty easy, so give it a try. You can also get info in advance of the meeting by calling Center 50+. Hope to see you there!

Stay safe, healthy, and as always…Stay Chipper

Don Fromherz

Zoom Meeting Location and ID Information

Meeting ID: 945 3993 4920

Posted on Sep 16 2020 by Bob

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