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Salem, Oregon

  • "Art of Woodcarving" Preservation and Promotion
  • New Carver Encouragement and Stimulation
  • Creative Environment
  • Friendship Through Common Interest
  • Annual Woodcarving Show
  • Information Exchange and Learning
  • Diverse Media and Styles
  • Share Experience and Techniques
  • Community Demonstrations
  • Woodcarving Classes

All money raised goes to Capitol Woodcarvers to assist with our mission of promoting and supporting the art of woodcarving.

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2022 Oregon Woodcarver's Rendezvous

September 8 - 11

Please print and complete the below Rendezvous Registration and Class Forms. Indicate which classes you will be attending by circling selected classes.

Download the 2022 Oregon Woodcarver's Rendezvous Registration Form

The past two years have been confusing and not much fun for anyone. Capitol Woodcarvers is happy to announce that we are active and our membership is back to enjoying Club activities.

It is now time to reinstate membership dues for 2022. If you have not already done so, please renew. Yearly dues are only $12 per year for single membership and $18 per year for families.

Membership dues support our mission. Please visit our Membership Page, and renew your membership today.

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