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Falls City High School Carving Project
Dec 15 2018

Mary Davis Painting Class
Dec 13 2018

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Dec 08 2018

Members Participate in Albany Christmas Bazaar
Dec 03 2018

Potluck 2018 Meeting
Nov 28 2018

Unique Bird
Nov 26 2018

Center 50+ Closed
Nov 19 2018

Veterans Day Dinner
Nov 11 2018

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Nov 09 2018

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Nov 05 2018

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Nov 01 2018

Christmas Ornaments
Oct 31 2018

Congratulations Everett Koontz
Oct 31 2018

Testing A New Website Capability
Oct 28 2018

Check Out The Photos
Oct 24 2018

Testing A New Website Capability

I'm just testing a new capability to see if posting an image of a carving in the round is of any value.

If this functionality works then we'll be featuring carvings on a regular basis. I'll soon be posting instructions about how to get a carving featured. Your featured carving will have a more professional background than that posted in this test.

Posted on Oct 28 2018 by Bob