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Dec 15 2018

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Dec 13 2018

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Dec 08 2018

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Dec 03 2018

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Nov 28 2018

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Nov 26 2018

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Nov 19 2018

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Nov 11 2018

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Nov 05 2018

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Oct 31 2018

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Oct 31 2018

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Oct 28 2018

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Oct 24 2018

Visit To Meterite Camera Club

Several of our Club members made a visit to the Meterite Camera Club to have some pictures taken of our carvings. The camera club members were very accommodating and took many many pictures. Each photographer set up a photo station with lighting and backdrops. Each station was well equipped with cameras which were far too complex for at least me to understand. There was discussion of lighting, focus, range, exposure, reflected and diffused light, etc. It all went over my head but we are expecting to see some wonderful images.

Thank you very much to the Meterite Club and the photographers who participated.

The excellent pictures of our carvings taken by Meterite photographers can be seen at Meterite Pictures

Posted on Oct 16 2018 by Bob