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Aug 11 2020

Woodcrarvers Zoom Chat

Marilyn Daily-Blair, the Director at Center 50+, facilitated a Zoom Chat Room for Woodcarvers, Friday from 1:00 – 2:00. Don and I attended and although it was a small group, it was lots of fun. We spent a bit of time catching up, and showing what we’ve been working on, with a bit of “show and tell”. We also discussed how we would like this chat room to look going forward. The current thinking is keeping it informal, but also providing opportunities for sharing techniques. For example, next week Denis Miller is going to spend a few minutes demonstrating spoon carving. Marilyn will facilitate future weekly “Chats” until we get the bugs worked out and are comfortable operating on our own. Hopefully more Carvers join in. Center 50+ will help by providing instructions for navigating Zoom. (Call the Center 50+ at 503-588-6303.) Look for an email soon with further information. We owe a huge thank you, to Marilyn and Center 50+ for their ongoing support, and for finding another way to bring Capitol Woodcarvers together. We hope to see more of you next week! Oh, and don’t forget your Show and Tell.

Submitted by Barb Fromherz

Posted on Aug 22 2020 by Bob

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