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Sep 16 2020

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Aug 11 2020

2020 Oregon Carving Rendezvous Cancelled
Aug 04 2020

Great Job Barb
Jul 31 2020

2020 Oregon Carving Rendezvous Cancelled

The Rendezvous coordinator and Canyonview camp have agreed to cancel this year’s Rendezvous because of the Governor's rules on group gatherings and the difficulties of having safe distances in the carving and dining areas. We jointly agreed it would be best to cancel this year. The camp has already started the process of transferring all registered carvers to the Sept. 9-12, 2021 schedule which has been set up for next year’s rendezvous.

If you would like to cancel your registration, please let me and the camp know. I will then remove you from the registration I have, and the camp will tell you how to get the refund and if there will be a cost for that process.

I also will be contacting all instructors to see if, and what projects, they will want to do next year. We, the rendezvous planners are very sorry that this is necessary, but we want you all to be safe and healthy. Please stay sane, healthy and happy in the coming months


Posted on Aug 04 2020 by Bob

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