Meet Reed & Judy Barker

Reed and Judy

The Barkers joined Capitol Woodcarvers last April. They became interested in carving upon encouragement from Bob Curtis whom they met at a New Year’s gathering. They have embraced carving and the "Club" to the extent that Reed is now our Secretary.

They are retired but are also partners in a business owned by Judy. The business utilizes Reed's skills (he's a PHD, research scientist) doing grass seed testing using DNA markers which helps the industry develop the high quality seed the Willamette Valley is famous for.

Reed and Judy have been married for 52 years and have six children (3 boys & 3 girls), eighteen grandchildren, one great grandbaby, and another one on the way. Reed enjoys fly fishing and Judy enjoys walking and hiking, however, as Reed says, "our days are divided equally spending 3/4 time on family and church, 3/4 time on our business and 3/4 time carving"

To quote Judy, "We have really enjoyed getting to know a lot of you wood carvers and feel like we just made a whole bunch of new friends; we love it"!

Meet Bob Curtis

Bob Curtis

After graduating from The Royal Military College of Canada, Bob enjoyed a long career as an Aerospace Engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces and later as an Information Systems Engineer under contract primarily to the US DoD.

Wood Spirit

Oil painting was Bob's first introduction to the creative arts. Several years ago oil painting was quickly overcome as Bob's artistic outlet and passion as he discovered the art of woodcarving.

Bob immersed himself in woodcarving by taking classes from master wood carvers like Dave Disselbrett, Jeff Harness, Jerry Harris, and others. Bob now carves with members of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club and The Oregon Decoy and Wildfowl Guild located in Salem Oregon. He participates in several weekly carving sessions with talented carvers where he continues learning his art from the very best.

Wood spirits, caricatures, decoys, and fish are the focus of Bob's carving interest. Most of Bob's carving is done with hand tools but recently he has experimented with power carving. Bob displays his carvings at club and artist guild shows as well as at state and county fairs. Bob carves primarily in basswood (caricatures), cottonwood bark (wood spirits and fantasy houses), cedar and tupelo (decoys and wildfowl).

Bob actively participates in Club activities. He is the Club webmaster and a member of the Executive Board. Bob's wife of twenty four years, Janna, is an avid runner, Bob is not. He has three adult children and two grandchildren

Meet Ken Lake

ken Lake

Ken has been woodworking almost all his life starting in junior high wood shop. His interest was in building furniture and wooden trucks which he gave to friends and family. Then in 1990 Ken moved to South Salem to live with his oldest daughter in an apartment. There was no room for his tools so woodworking unfortunately was put on a back burner.

Ken's daughter told Ken about an ad she saw about a wood carving class in Albany and Ken signed up for the class. The instructor was Everett Carter, a member of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club. Ken took two classes from Everett and then found a class in Salem taught by Dave Walker.

In 1996 Ken and Lynn married. No longer having to live in an apartment Ken was able to get back into wood turning and to continue with his wood carving. After retiring in 2004 Ken became very involved in wood turning and was elected vice president of the Salem Woodturning Club in 2005 and president in 2007. In the fall of 2007 Ken was asked by Bill Grater of the Capitol Woodcarvers if the turning club could turn tapered shafts for the Wounded Warriors eagle-head canes being worked on by members of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club. Ken has been a valued member of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club since this experience.

About five or six years ago Ken was a member of a group who formed the Woodcarvers Workshop and opened a gallery in Mt. Angel. Another member of this group, Sam Hutchinson, a very capable chip carver, introduced Ken to chip carving. That was all Ken needed to quickly give up caricature carving in favor of chip carving. Sam and Ken were the only members doing chip carving at the time but he stuck with it and got much better to the point where Ken is the recognized chip carving expert of the Club. Ken teaches chip carving classes at the Oregon Rendezvous and at the Elsie Stuhr Center in Tualatin. He is often called upon by Club members to demonstrate and assist with chip-carving projects.

ken Lake ken Lake ken Lake

Ken says what he enjoys most about Capitol Woodcarvers are the members. He says he has never been around so many people of such high caliber, both personal and ability. "I have made many friendships which will last for the rest of my life."

Meet Frank Campbell

Frank Campbell

Frank served in the United States Navy for four years, three of which were spent in the Far East, mostly in Vietnam. Immediately upon leaving the Navy Frank changed uniforms and became a police officer in Southern California where he served and protected for many years. Frank's police career ended because of an injury sustained while in pursuit of two buglary suspects. He and both suspects fell off a two story apartment building onto the pavement below. This incident finished Frank's police career and he was put out to pasture with a medical retirement.

Missing the weather changes that Frank became used to as a boy growing up in Seattle Washington he talked his California born wife into moving to Salem Oregon. He told her it did not rain near as much as in Seattle.

After trying a number of different hobbies Frank discovered Wood Carving. He found joy in the simple act of taking a knife to wood. Frank started carving in 2010 and is still enjoying it more everyday. Frank especially enjoys carving animals and gossiping with the greatest group of people he says he ever met.

Frank enjoys participating in Club activities. As a past Club Vice President and President, Frank continues to serve on the Board providing assistance to the current Board members. He is well respected by all Club members.

Aside from wood carving Frank loves being the Grandfather of two boys and one girl, all of whom light up his life!

Meet Everett Koontz

Everett Koontz

Everett was in the army with his tour ending in Korea. His jobs following that were first in a heat-treating plant, then at an Indiana-Michigan generating plant then as a lineman for the same company.

Everett met and married Dee and immediately started college. In 5 years he earned 5 degrees. Everett's BA is in Cartography and the last 2 are in Educational Media. He worked in Union, MO for 4 years before coming to Chemeketa Community College where he spent 18 years. Everett taught media production and did the production for the college including making the slides (shooting, developing and mounting) audio recording, video studio production including closed circuit production. Everett started working with the first Apple computers when they came out.

Everett started carving late 70's or early 80's; he doesn't really remember, probably very late 70's.

Everett has carved on the Salem Riverfront Carousel since the first day and continues to carve there today. He helped carve the Glockenspiel for Mt. Angel, OR. and he carved first Prior of Mount Angel Abbey. Everett now carves santas, ducks, caricatures and anything he finds of interest. He mainly carves basswood, butternut, cottonwood, black walnut and maple burl and other wood as desired.

He enjoys cooking and bakes many types of bread, at least 2 times a month for himself and others.

Everett is currently a member of Capitol woodcarvers, Coastal woodcarvers, Alpha Phi Omega - life member, AECT Educational Media, Indiana University life member, and the Salem club's breakfast and dinner bunch.

Meet Lou Wakefield

Lou Wakefield

Lou became interested in woodcarving sometime around 1994, and after retiring in 1997, he made it his major hobby. Lou started carving walking sticks and canes using a dremel. He then branched out into making intarsia. He didn’t get into carving seriously until moving to Salem in 2005.


After moving to Salem he was introduced to several Capitol Woodcarver club members, and shortly thereafter he joined the club.

While on an extended six month vacation in 1998, on the coast of Washington, Lou fell in love with the Northwest Coastal Native American style of relief woodcarving. He continues to carve a few Northwest carvings each year. Lou also has a love of the Southwest style of carving and has carved several of these over the years. Lou also enjoys carving all types of wildlife including ducks, eagles, kestrels, buffalo, owls, wolves, bears, cougars, otters, moose, horses, dogs, pigs and rabbits. He also enjoys carving a large variety of caricatures and Christmas tree ornaments, and has carved numerous types of Santas. Most of his carving is done using basswood, but he also uses cottonwood bark, black walnut, maple, cherry, myrtle wood, purple heart, mahogany, mountain juniper, butternut, western red cedar and pine.

Lou currently carves three days during the week, at various locations, including twice a week at the Center 50+ in Salem.

Santa Santa

Meet Jim Harris

Jim Harris

Jim was introduced to carving in Junior High School. He has been actively carving since 2005 and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2006. Jim was the club President in 2010 and is presently on the board as a Member at Large.

An accomplished carver, Jim favors projects involving birds, animals, and caricatures. Making wood flutes is another area of interest and he sells his flute building kits with instructions. Jim is always willing to share his expertise, thus, many members seek his help with their own projects.

Jim's artistic background includes a Graduate degree in architecture. He has also taken many classes from other accomplished artists.

Jim is retired from a career with the Building Department with the City of Portland. He has two sons and 4 grandsons. Jim's other interests include reading and sailing.

Meet Bob Harris

Bob Harris

Bob has been a member of Capitol Carvers since April 2012. He currently serves as our Club Newsletter Editor.

Bob became interested in carving while on a 6 year stint as a full time RV'er. His wife, Elizabeth told him to "get a hobby or she was getting a boyfriend". He figured carving walking sticks was better than dealing with a new family member, so that got him started. Seeing how much Elizabeth enjoyed a variety of crafts, (painting, making greeting cards, mosaics etc.) he branched out to carving canes, dolphins, animals, and caricatures. Besides original ideas, inspiration for projects comes from fellow club carvers, Mary Davis, Dave Disselbrett, and others.

Bob is retired from a career in appliance and television store management. He and his wife also spent two years in Russia, the Ukraine, and Feodosia, creating and teaching seminars, to the "spiritually inclined" people who invited them to their cities.

Bob enjoys reading, playing cards, golfing, walking with his wife, and spending family time with their four children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

When you see Bob, be sure to thank him for his hard work putting together our Newsletter.

Meet Mary Davis

Mary Davis

Mary has been carving since 2009 and joined the Capitol Woodcarver Club in 2014. She got started when she took a bird carving class in Mt Angel from Kenny Wilson and has been "hooked on carving" ever since. Mary enjoys carving birds and other animals, both realistic and whimsical. She uses her creative vision plus her drawing and painting skills to create beautifully finished carving projects. Many fellow carvers have drawn inspiration from her works.

Now retired, Mary had several careers which included: Veterinarian Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant, Cake Decorator for Baskin Robbins, and twenty eight years as a Dog Groomer.

Her family consists of two grown daughters, eleven grandchildren and a standard poodle named Buddy.

Meet Janice Besing

Janice Besing Santa

In October 2011, while on a walk at Minto Brown Park, Janice met Bill Mills who was recruiting folks to carve at the Carousel. She tried it and became hooked. She joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2012 where she met other carvers who encouraged her. She subsequently took classes in other types of carving and painting. Santas are one of her favorite subjects, but she is willing to try carving almost anything once. She has finished many beautiful pieces, including several Christmas ornaments which she donated to the Club and the 50+ Senior Center.

Some of her other interests include walking in Minto Park, yard work, knitting, reading and of course, family.

Janice's family consists of her husband Steve, two daughters and four grandchildren. One daughter lives in Redmond, Washington, and the other lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Janice served as the secretary of Capitol Woodcarvers, and continues to be a very active member.

Meet Jack Dalton

Jack Dalton

Jack Dalton started carving when he was a young adult and an assistant Scoutmaster for his son's Boy Scout troop. He started by carving wooden knives, neckerchief slides and other more useless things like making a toothpick out of a piece of a 2"x 4" while camping.

Jack's favorite carving material is Cottonwood bark, carving fantasy houses and faces. He also enjoys carving at the Salem Carousel once a week where he gets to carve on large animals as a team member.

In his spare time he likes reading books, camping in their trailer, hiking, and Dutch Oven cooking. He enjoys time with his family and his grandkids.

Jack is retired from owning two businesses with his wife, Kathy (not to be confused with the Kathie Dalton in our membership). One business sold commercial park equipment such as playground equipment, benches, shelters, drinking fountains etc. The other business was a company that sold flags and flagpoles. He and Kathy did that for 28 years!

Before his businesses he has been an Air Traffic Controller in the Navy during the Vietnam Era (4 years, 9 months, and 3 days….but who's counting). He also worked for the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department as a park planner administering a federal grant and for the US Forest Service as a surveyor laying out future roads for logging. As many of you know, Jack is a huge Beaver fan, having graduated from there way back when.

Jack has some family living locally in West Salem (his daughter and her family including the two grandkids), and a son who lives in Whitefish, Mt with his wife. Jack has been married to his wife Kathy for 48 years in April 2017.

Jack served as president for the Capitol Woodcarvers for two years during 2015 & 2016. He is currently (2017) on the Executive Board as Past President. "Our members are the greatest asset our group has. They are always very helpful and a pleasure to work with".

Meet Julie Heinjrich

Julie Heinjrich

Julie got interested in carving in 2008 when she met Linda Schmidt at the Capital Carver's Annual Show. She has been carving since then as her work schedule permitted. Now semi-retired from being a chef she is able to devote more time to her artistry. She likes to carve Santas and bears and one of her creations can be seen in the recent "news" link under Wednesday Classes. Julie recently joined Capitol Carvers and is frequently seen carving at Center 50+ in Jim Harris's class on Wednesday mornings and at open carving Friday afternoons. Julie has been known to share her culinary expertise by bringing baked "treats" to various carving venues.

Julie has experience in floral arranging, food art and decor. She enjoys gardening, walking, travel and is pretty handy around the house.

Her family consists of two brothers, a sister, four nephews, a niece, three great nephews and one great niece.

Meet Donald Lundberg

Don Lundberg

Don's artistic background consists of art classes and drawing as a youth. He now enjoys carving caricatures and animals. Don became interested in carving and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2014 after talking with fellow club member Joe Perez.

Don is retired from Peoples National Bank of Kewanee, Illinois, and from Black Hawk East College, Illinois, where he taught business courses. He also taught at Chemeketa Community College, and is presently the advisor in the Small Business Development Center there.

Besides carving, Don likes to spend leisure time reading, gardening and exercising.

His family includes two daughters and four grandchildren living in Illinois, as well as a son and three grandchildren living in Washington.

Meet Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter

Dave is a retired carpenter, and son of a carpenter, so he always worked and played with wood. About 10 years ago, Dave joined Capitol Woodcarvers. This is his only experience with a carving club, but he began woodcarving when he was in his early teens. Using a pocketknife, Dave carved small Tiki figures. He put one on a leather thong and gave it to a girl he liked. Dave and his wife have been married 53 years now, so never underestimate the power of a little wooden Tiki God.

Dave's first carving teacher was Will Hayden, who later became part of Caricature Carvers of America. He introduced Dave to bird carving and caricatures, his favorite type of carving. Dave was also lucky enough to do cowboy carving with Cleve Taylor and Claude Bolton. One of his favorite carvings to date is the Cowboy Santa he made in a Cleve Taylor class.

His other "wood work" includes building 3 houses for his family, experimenting with building Stickley Copy-Cat furniture, and building a cedar strip canoe. Many bird houses, planters and other small projects have filled Dave's spare time. Every year Dave carves a Christmas ornament for each of his children and grandchildren. He enjoy coming to meetings of Capitol Woodcarvers and taking classes from Dave Disselbrett. Dave says he's not an artist or very original, but he still likes to work and play with wood.

Dave also likes to garden, and takes pride in his garlic and sunflowers. With his wife, 2 dogs, 4 cats and 10 chickens, Dave lives just outside of Newberg, near the new Providence Hospital. He appreciates their competent ER staff when he cuts into myself by mistake!

Meet Donald and Barbara Fromherz

Don and Barb

Don and Barb met at Oregon State University. Barb pursued a career in education and went on to teach and enrich the lives of 5th graders for 35 years. Don proceeded to study Dentistry at the Oregon Health Science University.

The couple lived in Colorado Springs for two years where Don served as a dentist in the army at Fort Carson. Upon returning to Oregon in 1974, Don established a solo dental practice in Keizer from which he retired in 2015.

Don and Barb like to say "it's all about family" so they spend much of their time in support of their grandchildren's sport and school related activities, as well as joining in family get-togethers. Their son Scott, an MD specializing in sleep Medicine, lives in West Linn with his wife and five year old daughter. Daughter, Jennifer, a kindergarten teacher, lives in Beaverton with her husband and a teenage son and daughter.

Besides "family time", they like to travel and combine that with hiking, cycling and canoeing. A travel trailer, kept at Pacific City, allows them to spend time on the coast as well as "hit the road" to explore other parts of the country.

Don became intrigued with woodcarving several years ago when he was exposed to the artistry of Everett Koontz and Dave Disselbrett among others. After retiring, he decided to give it a try, and has been "hooked" ever since. In September 2015 he joined Capitol Woodcarvers and as of January, 2017, serves as the Club VP.

Barb saw how much fun Don was having, and after hearing about all the cool carvers he was getting to know, decided to join the Club in January and started carving with Dave and the Wednesday group at 50+. She loves carving too and especially enjoys the social aspect of it all.

Meet Cheryl Ayres

Cheryl Ayres

Cheryl started carving in 2013 after meeting Dave Disselbrett at the Fair in Salem and learning about his classes at Center 50+. She has taken several other carving classes locally, and at the Northwest Carving academy in Ellensburg, Washington. Weekly sessions at Jeff Harness’s Studio, have helped hone her carving skills to the point where other carvers take inspiration from her works. Cheryl likes trying all kinds of carving projects: however, animals are especially fun because of her background as a Veterinarian.

In addition to the Capitol Woodcarvers, Cheryl is a valued member of the Oregon Decoy and Wildfowl Guild.

Cheryl is involved with her church through Bible study, serving in the Steven Ministry and volunteering in other related events. One day a week you will find her helping out at the Community Kitchen.

Cheryl carves with her husband, Chuck. They have one grown daughter in Chicago, another working as a nurse in Portland, and a lovable dog named Chip. Training Chip in agility and as a Therapy Pet is another activity they share.

Meet Chuck Ayres

Chuck Ayres

Chuck remembers when he was a young boy, talking to a man who was carving a decoy. That piqued his interest in carving, but he was unable to follow up until retirement. In 2013 he joined Capitol Woodcarvers, hooked up with Dave Disselbrett at the Center 50+, and has been making chips ever since.

In addition to the Capitol Woodcarvers, Chuck is a valued member of the Oregon Decoy and Wildfowl Guild.

Although Chuck’s artistic background is admittedly somewhat limited, he is making up for it by taking several classes locally, and at the Northwest Carving Academy, in Ellensburg Washington. Weekly sessions in Hillsboro, with Jeff Harness, round out his carving hours.

Since retiring from AT&T, Chuck enriches his life by volunteering as a Steven Minister at his Church and at the Community Kitchen. Other time is spent outdoors, fishing, crabbing, and trailer camping. He also enjoys making knives of various types for carving and other "cutting edge" uses.

Chuck and his wife Cheryl have two grown daughters and an adorable dog named Chip.

Meet Joe Perez

Joe Perez Owl

Joe visited a carving shop in Mt Angel in 2011 and became interested in the craft after chatting with artists and seeing their work. He joined Capitol Woodcarvers that year and became an active carver and member. Joe likes carving bears, cowboys, and minions, but his favorite piece is an owl. Prior to carving, his wood crafts consisted of turning bowls and making furniture.

Joe worked in the Bay Area (California) and retired from Pacific Telephone after 24 years. For another 15 years he did consulting, the last five of which were for PG&E which necessitated commuting back to California after he moved to Oregon in 2008.

While living near the "California Wine Country", he developed a taste for quality wine and became a bit of an expert. His interest in the grape influenced his decision to live in the Willamette Valley, where he runs the Salem Chapter of the American Wine Society. Joe and his wife, Erica, have taken wine tasting tours to Argentina/Chile, New Zealand/Australia, Croatia/Italy, and will tour Argentina/Uruguay this year.

Joe's interest in owl carving comes from another wine related endeavor. When wildlife organizations rehabilitate owls, they call Joe and he relocates them to vineyards for rodent management. Heavy leather welding gloves are worn to protect his delicate carvers hands, from the extremely sharp owl talons.

Meet Denis Miller

Denis Miller

Denis is the 2017 Capitol Woodcarvers Club President. He has been a member since 2011.

Denis became interested in carving when as a young scout he carved neckerchief slides and other scouting items. Denis carves a wide variety of items. He presently enjoys carving and teaching Northwest Coastal Indian Art, and carving at the carousel. He has a broad artistic background including sketching, oil and watercolor painting, leather craft, and woodturning.

When not carving, Denis enjoys exercising, watching movies, planning carving projects and sharpening his tools. He was also a competitive shooter, and was successfully on target for ten years.

Denis spent 30 years with the Oregon Department of Transportation, as a civil engineer and traffic engineer. After retiring from ODOT, he spent five years consulting and as an inspector on major public works projects.

Denis' family consists of his wife Donna and 4 Children: Brigid, Denis II, Tamsen and Laura.

Meet Donna Miller

Donna Miller

Donna Miller has been carving since 2010 and joined Capital Woodcarvers in 2011. She met Jim Harris, (also a Club member), at a local Greens show. Jim gave her a knife, a piece of wood, some inspiration, and told her to "make something out of this". Now, she enjoys carving Santa figures, but is willing to try almost anything at least once.

Fellow carvers recognize Donna as a premier painter and will often seek her help. Many animals at the Salem Riverfront Carousel are a testament to her skills. Donna also excels at wood-burning. She will actually be teaching beginning to advanced wood-burning classes at the NW Carving Academy, in Ellensburg Washington, this July.

Donna says her interest in art began when she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has taken many art classes, was a technical illustrator for the United States Marine Corps, has done freelance artwork and was involved with art as a teacher.

Donna's family consists of her husband Dennis, four children and eight grandchildren.

She is heavily involved in the activities that make Capitol Woodcarvers a success. When not involved in carving related activities, Donna enjoys gardening and genealogy.

Meet Larry Neimeyer

Denis Miller

Larry is one of the Clubs newest members. He started carving in 2016, and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in January, 2017. He attends Dave Disselbrett’s Wednesday morning classes and frequently carves at 50+ on Friday afternoons. As a beginning carver Larry is finding his niche. He is meeting new friends as he seeks the assistance and advice of fellow carvers. Larry is trying caricature, relief, and chip carving; and he is doing well with each.

Larry recently retired from Goodwill Industries. He and his wife have two cats and two dogs.

Welcome to the Club Larry. We are looking forward to seeing your many projects as you progress as a carver.

Meet John and Donna Cereghino

John and Donna Cereghino

John's experience with wood involves making furniture, walking sticks and carving knives. He started carving seriously about 2 years ago after visiting a booth at the State Fair. He likes to carve a variety of things and is always up for a challenge.

John got Donna interested in carving (perhaps so she could paint his projects). They are now regulars at 50+ in Wednesday morning classes. The couple also enjoys fishing, RV trips to the coast and of course, quality time with family.

Their family consists of seven children, fifteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

John was a self-employed dump truck driver for many years. He also did construction and remodeling. Donna did office work. Now retired, they keep busy gardening and managing their small acreage.

Meet Patricia (Pat) Dorr

Pat Dorr

Pat drifted into the carving class at the Center 50+ and engaged with the carvers who were working on their projects. She decided to give it a try and has been chipping away ever since. That same year, 2015, she joined Capitol Woodcarvers.

Pat has taken classes in sculpting, drawing and painting. She also makes jewelry and pine needle baskets. Her jewelry is enhanced, by beautiful stones she crafts in the lapidary shop at the Center 50+. Not only is Pat an accomplished lapidary, she is also President of the Lapidary Club. The Salem Carousel group enlisted her to cut and polish stones for use as eyes in their Dragon project.

Pat is an active member of the Capitol Woodcarvers and is always available to help new carvers and to support the Club.

Pat is retired from a career in nursing.

She has a brother, one son, a daughter and four grandsons.

Meet Billie Larson

Pat Dorr

As is a new Club member since February 2017, Billie is eager to learn the art of carving and regularly attends Wednesday sessions at the Center 50+.

Billie is retired from a career with the Oregon Department of Transportation. She now volunteers at several locations, including: the Salem Dream Center, the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, and the Center 50+ where she is the currently the President of Friends of Center 50+. In October 2016, Billie discovered the carving class at 50+. She jumped right in and carved several symmetrical stars, which became gifts. Her sights are now set on carving caricatures.

Billie has done a variety of crafts, from knitting and sewing to weaving pine needle baskets. She also enjoys traveling, photography and scrapbooking.

Billie has a daughter and two granddaughters. She now lives with her furry boy-kitty named Chester.

Meet Laurie Ladd

Laurie Ladd

About eight years ago, Laurie needed something to keep her hands active and busy. Her sister, Patty Ashford, encouraged her to try carving, to, "get out of the house". The venue "fit the bill". She enjoys being around other carvers and participating in related events.

Laurie has been carving a variety of 6"-10" Santa figures, caricature cowboys, and some animals. She has displayed her projects at the annual Capitol Woodcarvers show, and the Coastal Carvers show in Lincoln City. Some of her carvings have won ribbons.

Laurie is retired from 34 years with the Federal Government in the Social Security Administration.

Besides her carving projects, Laurie excels at weaving baskets with cedar bark or pine needles. Beadwork and making jewelry are other skills in her repertoire of artistic crafts.

Laurie has two adult sons. A fellow carver, Patty Ashford, is her sister.

Meet Patty Ashford

Patty Ashford

Patty saw Dave Disselbrett at the Fair eight years ago. That experience got her interested in carving and she has been making chips ever since. She and her sister, Laurie Ladd, have shared a table to display their works at the Capitol woodcarvers show and the Coastal Carvers show in Lincoln City. Patty is frequently seen carving caricatures and relief projects at Center 50+. Other carvers there, delight in her enthusiasm and encouragement.

Besides carving, Patty likes making pine needle baskets, enjoying the beach, and spending time with her dog.

Patty is retired from work in the business office at the Salem Hospital.

A husband, two Children, and three grandchildren make up her family.

Meet David Solomon

Dave Solomon

David started carving and joined Capitol Carvers in 2014. Previously his artistic endeavors were in woodworking and drawing.

Dave is another "Disselbrett" inspired chipper. He met Dave Disselbrett at a State Fair booth and was impressed with what he saw after learning about carving there. He decided to take advantage of the classes offered at Center 50+ and now makes the trek from Albany for the Wednesday sessions.

Dave likes carving caricatures. He is nearing completion of a chess set and has a large eagle in the works. His carving of Christ won a ribbon at the state fair. Besides Disselbrett's tutelage, another club member, Jim Harris, has been mentoring him on bird and animal carvings.

Now retired, Dave was a medic in New York City for 25 years. In his roll as an EMS Medic, he was a first responder and lead rescuer at the Ground Zero Site (World Trade Center) on September, 11, 2001.

Dave spends many hours helping with projects at the American Legion Post 10, in Albany. He also enjoys shooting and fishing.

Dave's family consists of his wife Linda, six children and sixteen grandchildren.

Meet Kathie Dalton

Kathie Dalton

Kathie, her parents and uncles, went on a "Carousel" studio tour led by Bill Mills. Bill has inspired many new carvers and Kathie is one of them. She began carving and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2013.

Kathie has an art minor. She loves and appreciates art, but never felt "artistic". Those who know her and have seen her work would disagree.

Kathie likes carving animals and fun caricatures. She is a very active supporter of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club. Her other activities include: spending time with friends, her dogs, doing paper crafting, and listening to music.

Presently, her employment is with the State of Oregon. Prior to moving back to Oregon from Texas, she worked in marketing, and would like to return to that.

Kathie's family consists of her mother, a brother, a sister, and several nieces and nephews.

Meet Ray Weekly

Patty Ray Weekly

Ray has been a Club member since 2012. He is the current, 2017, Club Treasurer.

Ray Weekly started carving (something he always wanted to try), in 2010, when he got bored with retirement. Ray carves a variety of large and small projects, including mythical creatures. He does excellent relief and architectural type carving and is a "regular" at the Salem Carousel.

Before he retired, Ray worked as an optometrist. He did that for the USAF (7 years), and the U.S. Public Health Service, Indian Health Service, (15½ years).

When not involved with carving related activities, Ray can be found riding, collecting and restoring vintage, lightweight bicycles; metal detecting, and prospecting. He loves British and German motorcycles and sport cars and has owned a few.

Ray's wife, Delores, also volunteers at the Salem Carousel, painting animals. A daughter, Erin, lives in Sitka, Alaska. Cora, a 3 year old Jack Russel Terrier, lives at home.

Meet Dr. Leland Gilsen

Leland Gilsend

Leland began carving in 2003 and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2004. He became interested in carving after retirement, while making replicas of artifacts found among the prehistoric Oregon cultures, for the Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory. Leland created and then ran the museum for several years.

Prior to retirement, Leland was the State Archeologist for Oregon from 1978 to 2002, with the State Historic Preservation Office. There he did groundbreaking work in updating the archeological site files among other achievements, too numerous to list.

Leland is a self-taught artist. His preferred art media includes: drawing, pointillism (ink dot painting), watercolor painting, and painting with natural pigments.

Leland has many other interests including teaching at primitive technology events and workshops, and running the Salem Community Drum Circle. He published his book Diggin It that is available as a "book on demand" from Amazon.

For more information check out:

Meet Tim Flora

Tim Flora

Tim took up woodcarving in 2016, which is also when he became a Club member. He has been interested in carving most of his adult life but couldn't find time until retirement. With Dave Disselbrett's guidance, he has been carving caricatures, ornaments, and other "Wednesday Morning" class projects. He's looking forward to trying relief, bark, and chip carving. When asked about his art background, he said, "it's limited to stick figure drawing".

Tim is a retired Chiropractor, with an emphasis in sports medicine. One highlight during those years of practice was being asked to treat the Olympic athletes at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Track and Field Olympic trials.

When not carving, Tim enjoys kayaking with his wife Lynn, and kayak fishing. He also goes trailer camping, and bow hunting for elk. In the past he did a lot of windsurfing, but has not tested those muscles for the last few years. Other post retirement challenges include learning to play the piano, to swim correctly and to play pickle ball.

His family consists of his wife of 38 years, Lynn, and four adult children: two boys and two girls.

Meet Kathy Jensen

Kathy Jensen

Kathy has been carving about 23 years or so and has been a member of the Salem club about 17 plus years. She became interested in carving when helping in the Crafts Department of the Tillamook County Fair where they had a person demonstrating woodcarving. The demonstrator gave Kathy a cut out tree blank and a knife to try it. Kathy liked it and began taking classes in the area and then joined the Coastal Carvers Club.

As many carvers do, Kathy started out doing Santas, but she also does relief carving, whatever Dave Disselbrett is sharing, and some woodburning. Kathy enjoys taking woodcarving classes.

A job change took Kathy to the Valley where she joined the Salem club. Kathy has enjoyed an artistic environment and background throughout her life. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and worked as an educational graphic artist for 12 years. A reduction in force resulted in a change of direction and Kathy went on to get a Master’s Degree in Library Sciences. Kathy was an Elementary and High School Librarian for 15 years before retiring from Molalla River School District. Kathy now fills her time enjoying reading, gardening, going to the movies, traveling, and trying anything that peeks her interest.

Kathy has recently moved back to Tillamook to help her mother who goes along with her to all the carving activities. Kathy still plans to get to the Salem Club meetings when she can. She is very involved with the Coastal Carvers and the NW Carving Academy.

Meet Bob Lanning

Bob Lanning

Bob has been utilizing his natural artistic talents, by creating beautiful smiles, in his career as a Dental Technician. He is semi-retired now, working two days a week, which gives him more time to carve and enjoy home projects.

Bob became interested in carving in 2004 after buying a copy of Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine at Fred Meyer. He joined Capitol Woodcarvers, and has been creating smiles with his wood carvings ever since.

Bob enjoys caricature carving as well as designing his own unique pieces. His "Native American" bust earned him a second place ribbon, in the Advanced Division, at the recent annual Club Show. This is only Bob's most recent award. Over the years Bob has enjoyed much recognition as a very accomplished carver. It is always exciting to see Bob's carvings, the majority of which are very interesting caricatures.

Bob's family consists of his wife, two grown sons, a daughter-in law, and two grandchildren: a boy and a girl.

Meet Mike Goodness

Kathy Jensen

Mike has been carving since 2011. He got started when he signed up at the State Fair, for classes at Dave Walker's Studio. His previous artwork was pencil drawing.

Animals and caricatures are Mike's preferred subjects. He is nearing completion of a fabulous chess set, which was almost lost due to a suspected theft. It turns out though that it was not stolen but only safely stored by Mike.

Mike has been a very active volunteer carver at the Salem Carousel for over 6 years. Carving carousel horses is very different than carving caricatures but Mike enjoys the challenge.

Mike retired from Quest Communications in 2004. Besides carving, he enjoys camping, some fishing, and classical music.

His Family consists of his wife Genny, and two children: Leah and Timothy.

Meet Horace King…Call him "Charlie"

Bob Lanning

Charlie has been carving as a club member for ten years. He carves many different projects, but particularly enjoys canes, and was a major contributor to the Wounded Warrior Project*.

Other art forms Charlie has worked with are oil painting and making videos.

Charlie had a career with ODOT for over 41 years. Most of that time was spent as a maintenance supervisor. For the last 10 years he did the investigating, reporting and testifying on a wide variety of cases for the department.

Charlie and his wife Mardean, have a son, David. Folks enjoy special spiced apple cider which the couple frequently provides for Club events.

*The Wounded Warrior Project was a club undertaking wherein club members made and carved canes and presented them to wounded veterans in recognition and appreciation for their service.

Meet Greg Pratt

Bob Lanning

Greg, affectionately known as the clubs "chainsaw carver", is the artist who amazes us all with his miniatures. He likes to carve many small things: chains, flowers, roses and ball in cages as well as larger projects such as caricatures. He also enjoys drawing, sketching, baking and eating.

Greg was interested in carving in his twenties, but started with the Club in 2002, after retiring from a career in excavation. Several members have reached out to him for mentoring, so he has been helping them with three dimensional flower carving techniques during carving sessions at Center 50+.

Greg has a wife, three sons, one daughter and 14 grandchildren.

Meet Fritz Krussow

Bob Lanning

Fritz became interested in carving when he retired in 2003. He enjoys carving animals and caricatures along with other projects. Fritz also loves to spend time on woodworking.

He has a wife, three children, seven grandchildren and one great grand child.

Meet Art Bennett

Art Bennett

Art Started carving in 1996 and became a club member ten years later. His interest in the craft started after talking to carvers at the State Fair in Tucson, AZ. He enjoys carving just about anything.

Art retired from the Navy after 20 years and was an insurance agent for the next 24 years.

Art enjoys traveling. He and his wife Melanie were full time RVers for three years. They have two adult children.

Meet Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher

Bob showed promise as an artist in Junior High School when he finished second in the state with his "Be Kind to Animals" poster. He started carving in 2009 when he took a class from Dave Disselbrett at the Senior Center. His primary carvings are caricatures.

Besides creating fabulous carvings, he does woodworking. Other interests involve the outdoors: hunting, fishing, camping and cooking over coals with a Dutch oven. Bob and his wife volunteer, delivering for the Meals on Wheels program out of the 50+ Senior Center.

Bob is a very active member of the Capitol Woodcarvers Club. He is the Club Librarian and he sits on the Executive Board.

Bob retired from Georgia Pacific Paper Company as a Plant Journeyman, Electrician and Mill Wright. Retirement affords him more time to spend with family, which includes his wife, two grown children, three grand daughters and a yellow lab.

Meet Don Currey

Bob Fisher

Don got interested in carving in 2004 when two of his friends started carving fish and birds. They put him in touch with Linda Schmidt who was teaching carving. He joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2006 and has been very active with the club in many capacities, including club president. He enjoys carving cypress knees, cottonwood bark houses and trees, bears, Santa, some relief carving and a variety of other projects.

Along with carving Don's artistic interests include local live plays, leather craft, boat building and stained (leaded) glass windows.

Don retired from school administration as a district and county superintendent. In retirement he enjoys hunting, fishing and travel. He enjoys people and people watching along with seeing new places and trying different things.

Don and his wife Lorraine have been married 51 years. They have a son Curtis and a daughter Kristn.

Meet Ryan Prager

Bob Fisher

Ryan has been carving off and on since 2008 and has been a club member for 2 non-consecutive years: 2011 and 2017.

Ryan became interested in carving when waiting for his middle child to be born. He wanted to make something for her, so he carved her a single stem rose.

He has always been creative. In college, Ryan was into oil painting and pottery as well as stone carving. He received a basic understanding of drawing in high school. Ryan likes to carve small, in the round flowers, stylized animals, crazy creatures, and mushrooms.

Besides carving Ryan likes to learn about blacksmithing, and he is a casual PC gamer. He is really involved with AA. I love to spend time with my family and doing outdoor barbequing.

Ryan works at the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, in the Head Start program where he is a Family Services Case Manager (40 families).

Ryan's family consists of his girlfriend/fiancé, and three daughters: ages 5, 8, and 13. Some other interesting things about Ryan are: He loves tattoos and has many. He plays the drums and hand drums and he is computer savvy. His favorite colors are purple, forest green and black.

Meet Barbara Millikan

Barbara Millikan

Barbara joined the Capitol Woodcarvers about 7 years ago.

At that time she was carving a hobby horse head for a dance troupe, and is gradually making smaller and smaller carved critters. She's been an artist ever since her mom made her wash the crayon off the walls, and specializes in making up designs, some of which she has sold to Woodcarving Illustrated (which means you all get ice cream). Have an idea for something? Tell her.

Barbara also makes and repairs guitars, plays them and a number of other instruments and sings until paid to stop, transcribes music, writes non-fiction and poetry, worked as a journalist, massage therapist, graphic designer, cartoonist and caricature artist, carpenter, gardener, and costume designer (specialty:dragons). In short she does everything but clean house.

Meet Gary and Laura Woods

Gary Woods

Gary and Laura started carving in 2017, and joined Capitol Woodcarvers in June.

The couple became interested in carving after visiting the Salem Carousel and chatting with the volunteer carvers and painters there. They subsequently joined the carousel group and began the learning process. They are eager to hone their skills (and tools), and are not hesitant to seek out tips from other carvers.

Gary is retired from a career in graphic design and has a fine arts background. He is also a musician who enjoys playing guitar and banjo. He once had an extensive collection of banjos

Laura is retired from Kaiser Permanente as the Administer of Professional Payroll Accounts. She enjoys quilting, church and family.

Gary and Laura have four daughters, Dede, Christina, Jamie and Jennifer. They also have 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Meet Roscoe (Ross) and Kaler Howard


When Ross was a kid, he saw a fellow sitting on the steps of a Post Office, carving a chain. That was his first exposure to carving, but it wasn't until 1982 that he got serious about carving. He carved many things but became particularly adept at chip carving. He Joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2002, and has been very active in the club and was the club librarian for 7 years. Now, you will frequently see Roscoe with camera in hand, pursuing photos of carvers, their projects, and carving events.

Ross is retired From Greyhound. Besides his involvement with carving, he enjoys people, family, and helping out at his church.

In 2013, Kaler and a few others "conned" Donna Miller into mentoring them in pyrography (wood burning). She became very adept at the craft and has recently created some beautiful designs on gourds. She also delights in teaching and mentoring others. Dogs are her favorite subjects (she will not do human faces). "Kaler's Awesome Annie" was judged Best In Show at the Yamhill County Fair and a Red Ribbon winner at the Oregon State Fair. In the past, she designed clothing.

Kaler comes from an artistic family. Her mother was an artist and potter. Her brother taught sculpture at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, until retirement.

Kaler's other interests include training bulldogs in performance, knitting (a red ribbon winner at the State Fair), counted cross-stitch, and sewing. She also enjoys working in her flower beds (killing blackberry vines).

Ross and Kaler have three grown sons, six grandchildren and two bulldogs.

Meet Stu Yudman

Stu Yudman

Stu has been carving since 2014 but only recently joined Capitol Woodcarvers. He had been a regular at carving classes in Beaverton. Since that venue is no longer available, he now travels to Salem for the instruction and fellowship with the carvers in Jim Harris’s class at the Center 50+. He and his wife Ann also like to join in for lunch after class.

Stu got interested in carving when he saw a friend carving. Although he makes no claim to a prior artistic background, he has created some very nice pieces. He particularly enjoys carving animals, birds and relief carving.

Stu is retired from Xerox

His family consists of his wife Ann, sons Alan and Jonathan and daughter Leslie. Ann is not a carver but she expresses her artistry with beautiful beadwork jewelry.

Meet Clayton (Clay) Coreson

Clay Coreson

Clay was in Arizona for the winter in 2010. He became acquainted with several people who carved, so he started going to class. He joined Capitol Woodcarvers in 2015. Now he particularly enjoys chip carving and walking sticks.

Clay and his wife Linda owned a ceramic business for several years. He did a lot of prep work and some of the finish work. Linda is a decorative painter so he does some of the prep work for her as well.

Clay retired from the city of Salem where he worked as a Police officer for 29 years.

He loves to fish and RV. Volunteering at the Winchester Bay RV resort for two months a year fits right in with those interests.

Clay was raised in the upper Hood River Valley. He and Linda will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2018. They have a son living in Jefferson and a daughter with three sons living in Salem. Quality family time is a high priority for the Coresons.