Coming Back Strong

Building a Sense of Community

Year of the Carver 2020-2021

Foster Inquiries and New Membership

No Entry Fee

Great Monetary Door Prizes

Visibility of Artwork

Capitol Woodcarvers

Virtual Carving Show


  • a new project completed this last year
  • a project started earlier, but finished this last year
  • a project reworked this last year
  • email entry picture(s) to Bob Curtis to get spotlighted in the show
  • final deadline for entries is Saturday, April 24
  • show dates are May 1 – 30

Goal is 100% Member Participation

Spotlight Member's Work

Showcase Creativity

Reaching Out to the Greater Community

Enter One or More Pieces

Unjudged Show, Door Prizes

Please email your entry picture(s) with title(s) to Bob Curtis:


(Virtual that is)

Hi Fellow Capitol Woodcarvers

Imagine 120 or more varied and outstanding works of carving and burning art. Each one, large, small, complete, or in-progress, will serve to make our club proud of our 2021 Virtual Show. Please take a minute or two to snap pictures of your accomplishments, from this past year. Multiple entries are encouraged. Email them to Bob Curtis and he will take it from there. Last year our Virtual Show received statewide, and even nationwide attention from the carving community. One viewer called it the best virtual show he had seen. We received many inquiries and several new members from last year’s show. This year it will be extra important to have every Club member participate! Thank you in advance for your effort in helping Capitol Woodcarvers.

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